At Superior Care Homes we distinguish ourselves by providing our clients and their families with the very best in compassionate and empathetic care, with an emphasis on security, quality of life and dignity for the individual.
      We empathise with the fact that entrusting the care of a loved one to someone else is not an easy decision and we hope through this website we can provide you with the reassurance and infromation you require to make a decision that is in the best interests of your loved one.
Empathy, compassion and sincerity are the pillars, which have built the Superior Care Homes group. In each of our homes, our client's quality of life, medical care and comfort are our primary focus and we strive to promote the health and happiness of our clients in a caring and compassionate environment.
Our dedication can be seen across all spheres of our operations from cooking and the selection of menus to daily leisure activities and nursing care. We continually strive to re-invent our care plans, facilities and services by incorporating new ideas and suggestions to enhance the quality of care on offer
We are committed to delivering the very highest standards of care in our homes that make a real difference to our clients’ lives – you can read some of the nice things our clients and their families say about us.
All o ur care homes offer a home-like feel, set within well maintained grounds to provide idyllic surroundings for our clients that enhance their well being. All our homes are regularly maintained to the highest standards
We sincerely believe that elderly people should live the best possible lives whether living on their own or as a couple and this is a philosophy that underpins each and every care home in our group.
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